Rockin’ the Job Fair

Rockin’ the Job Fair

“Take one step at a time.” To be at the top, you need to take little steps to get there. First step is to look for a Job that fits your skills and knowledge. The question is where to find it? People try variety of ways to get closer to the Job they’re dreaming of such as multi-media advertising, newspaper add, friends referrals and others. For some, going to a Job Fair tops the list.

What is a Job Fair?

A job fair is also referred as a career expo or career fair. It is where recruiters, schools and employers gathered to meet with potential job seekers. People seeking for a job use this opportunity to apply in different companies and to have an overview of what is it like to be in the corporate world. Everyone tries to put their best foot forward to stand out from other applicants.
How to stand out from the rest?

Just like the saying goes, “Never go to a battle unarmed.” Going to a Job Fair is like going to a battle. Job seekers then need to prepare themselves to be able to win. There are several things they need to keep in mind and some of them are as follows…

Before the Fair

Prepare and Get Ready:
•Make and bring ample copies of your resume and put them in a folder or portfolio
•Have a pen and paper
• Practice your best introduction
•Do a research. Learn about the different companies and their vacancies. Look into their company profiles and gather ideas that may help you prove your interest in working for them.

Be modernized and stay updated
•You may send your resume to the company’s email address.
•You may create your own professional blog or web site containing your career portfolio and some of your work samples.
•Indicate these professional websites in your resume
•Follow your prospective companies online and get insights about their needs and culture through their web site
•Create your own business card with your phone number, email address

Dress for Success
•Wear your comfortable business attire.
•Be neat and presentable.

At the Job Fair

Arrive Early
•Look over the place lay out and set-up.
•Get a copy of the directory of participating companies.
•Make sure to check your outfit and freshen your breath
•Put your mobile phones on silent mode

Meet prospective employers
•Remember to demonstrate your knowledge about the company and express genuine enthusiasm.
•Shake the interviewer’s hand, smile and clearly introduce yourself.
•Speak with confidence and politely ask questions.

Enjoy and Have Fun
•Engaged yourself and be involved. Involvement leaves a good impression.
•Give your best but do not forget to take breaks to regain energy.

After the Job Fair

Say Thank You and Follow –up
•Refer to your notes about your prospective companies
•Try to contact the employers you meet and thank them. This is one polite tactic that may show your show dedication and considerate nature
•Follow up on any action or information requested

Start with these simple steps and you’re on your way to the top. Good luck!