Simple Acts toward Greater Joy!

Simple Acts toward Greater Joy!

Category : outreach

Filipinos are generous in nature. Despite the fact that Philippines have experienced natural disasters for consecutive years, Filipinos never fail to lend their hands to the less fortunate. Simple effort may lead to other people’s hope and produce big transformation to their lives.

What does it take to be generous? Does it have to be expensive and grand? Well, generosity is the simplest thing that we can do for someone without expecting anything in return.

Big organizations, public offices, private companies and even students do their little ways to make a big difference. Donations, Relief operations and other Fun raising activities are held everywhere. Filipinos also have unique and interesting ideas to make every event fun and exciting to all the participants. Fun Run, Fun Walk, Zombie Run, Love Run and many others. These titles and other freebies makes more appealing for people to take part of the activity.

Big-Easy tutors also partake in this kind of activities. On March 1st of 2015, another altruistic event will be held in Naga City, Philippines. As the title itself proposes “Charity Walk, Walk for Life”, the proceeds of this activity will be given to the indigent children of Naga City.

But behind all the fun and colorful activities, it’s the desire to help others is that is more important. It also awakens and boosts the desire of each individual to help others realize that simple things can make big difference. After all, it feels great to share our blessings to our countrymen.

Simple acts of kindness and generosity tell them to Smile and Step Forward.